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Interested in attracting birds to your garden? Our plum tree died in our yard. Instead of cutting it down my husband hung bird feeders from it. It's become a favorite spot of mine to take pictures of birds all year long. Hang feeders with different seeds in them to attract different species and remember birds also need water, a small fountain will do the trick, remember to keep the water fresh.
I see youLittle DreamerBlack Capped ChicakdeeMourning DovePine Grosbeak maleCommon RedpollWhite Breasted NuthatchEuropen StarlingPurple Finch MalePurple Finch FemaleWarbler in FallKissRed Breasted NuthatchSparrow in FlightThe Plum Tree Series Red Breasted NuthatchRose GrosebeakPine Warblerthe Plum Tree Series Red Breasted NuthatchWarbler I see youWoodpeckers

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